ICT Security Consulting Services

Part of ICT Security’s core business is to provide premium consultancy for a range of customer requirements. ICT Security takes the approach of providing both technical and business relative information through accurate reports/documentation and deliverables identified by understanding the clients specific requirements.

ICT Security provides access to a professional network of external and internal consultants which can assist organisations with a myriad of onsite and documentation style consulting projects, without the large financial burden commonly associated with consulting services in the IT Security industry.

ICT Security has a rich experience and history for providing consulting services in the following areas:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Architecture & Design IT systems and policy review PKI Policy
  • PCI DSS Gap Analysis
  • IT Marketing and Solution Uptake based consulting
  • Documentation
  • Authentication systems
  • Cryptographic applications and legacy systems/Migration consulting

If you require assistance from ICT Security, please call us today on 02 8205 7799 or email us at

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