ProtectServer External & Gold

ICT Security & SafeNet ProtectServer Solutions

ProtectServer External

ProtectServer External provides a cost-effective, high assurance HSM solution for protecting cryptographic keys against compromise and providing encryption, signing and authentication services to security sensitive applications.

SafeNet ProtectServer External contains a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic module to perform secure cryptographic processing in a high-assurance fashion. Built for industry standard security applications, the ProtectServer External functions within a tamper-protected environment, providing secure storage for highly sensitive information, cryptographic keys, PINs, and data.

ProtectServer Gold

SafeNet ProtectServer Gold is a PCI-X compliant expansion card, while SafeNet ProtectServer Internal-Express is a PCI Express x4 compliant card. Both HSMs offer different performance levels to meet varied system requirements.

ProtectServer Gold

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