Luna EFT

ICT Security & SafeNet Luna EFT Solutions

The Luna EFT (PH-EFT) is a network-attached Hardware Security Module (HSM) designed for retail payment system processing environments for credit, debit, e-purse and chip cards, as well as internet payment applications. It offers secure PIN and card processing, message authentication, comprehensive key management and general-purpose cryptographic processing.

Tamper-evident seals, intrusion detection switches, and shielded connectors designed into Luna EFT minimize exposure to direct physical attacks.

In addition, Luna EFT ATM Key Management System provides key mailer security by allowing the custodian key data to print directly to secure key envelopes; it also allows for automatic ATM key distribution and initialization (NCR & Diebold). Likewise, the PIN Mailer System allows for printing of the PINs directly to secure PIN envelopes.

Luna EFT also offers true end-to-end internet and mobile transaction security. In addition to providing secure login through RSA-encrypting the PIN/password, SNMP is now supported, facilitating resource management from your central monitoring service.

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