ICT Security & GlobalSign Solutions

GlobalSign is a well established Certification Authority and SSL Certificate Provider. A leader in public trust services since the very birth of the commercial Internet, GlobalSign Certificates are trusted by all popular browsers, Operating Systems, devices and applications. The company is an expert in providing trusted Certificates and secure mobile technology to cellular and mobile devices and has a rich history of investors, including ING Bank and Vodafone.

GlobalSign works with document format vendors to offer organizations of all sizes the ability to secure their electronic documents, comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements for document distribution / storage and convert traditional paper based documents to more secure and flexible online processes.

As a trusted GlobalSign reseller, ICT Security specialises in several GlobalSign enterprise products including:

Adobe CDS Signing


GlobalSign is an authorized participant in Adobe’s Certified Document Services (CDS) program and operates under a stringent set of policies and standards developed by Adobe and audited by WebTrust to allow GlobalSign to issue Adobe recognized CDS Certificates, branded as DocumentSign Digital IDs, to individuals and departmental entities.

DocumentSign users can add Certifying and Approval Signatures to PDFs using a trust model used in Adobe Reader 6.0+ without installing any new plug-ins, configuring Adobe Reader/Acrobat to non-default settings, or needing to make confusing trust decisions.

Microsoft Office Signing

Microsoft Office

GlobalSign offers a range of Digital IDs for use across the suite of Microsoft® Office products including Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® PowerPoint® & Microsoft® Outlook®. Digital IDs can be used for email encryption and email signing, the signing of Office documents, signing of Office / Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros to allow Macros to run and to prevent macro viruses and prove developer identity.

Certificate Authority Root Signing

Signed Certificate

Chain your CA Root Certificate to the highly distributed GlobalSign Root Certificates – present in all popular browsers, Operating Systems and devices. Digital Certificates issued from your chained Certificate are transparently trusted by customers and employees, reducing your support costs and deployment time, and giving you total control over your trusted Certificate hierarchy.

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