Discounted HSM POC

What are HSMs?

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are hardware-based security devices that are used by many organisations to protect sensitive information through encryption.

HSM devices are primarily used to generate, stores and protect cryptographic keys – although they can be used for a variety of integration options (see below).

ICT Security works with a variety of HSM vendors to deliver our customers the fastest, most secure and easiest to integrate HSMs, reducing the risk of legal liability and providing ROI to the business.


Where to use HSMs?

Financial Services:

Protect data and transactions, for card issuers and acquirers, to authenticate users or to manage digital identities.

Business and Government Solutions:

Database Encryption, Key Management, Public Key Infrastructures, Data Storage, Digital Certificates and Time Stamping.

Compliance Solutions:

With validated for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ compliance, HSMs enable PCI DSS compliance by protecting stored cardholder data, encrypting it for transfer, and restricting access.

How can I try out an HSM in my environment?

For a limited time, ICT Security is offering discounted 45 day trial HSMs (both PCI, PCI E and network attached) to selected customers. To apply for this program, apply below and an account manager will contact you shortly.



Apply for a POC HSM today!

ICT Security Pty Ltd reserves the right to restrict the supply of POC or Trial HSMs to customers, dependant on availability of units and budgetary constraints.


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