Custom Solutions
ICT Security offers a range of solutions to secure your business, from encryption to authentication to network perimeter solutions, we have you covered...
Do you meet PCI DSS compliance?
ICT Security can provide you with the professional advice you need to get through your next PCI DSS audit...
Total Hardware Security
Is your encryption solution really secure? Find out about our leading Hardware Security Module solutions...
PDF & Document Signing
ICT specialises in a variety of document and pdf signing, encryption and security solutions, offering the best products and implementations from leading industry vendors....

Why ICT Security?


Require services for a high security IT environment? Don’t leave yourself exposed; see how ICT Security can help you today.


Sick of buying security ‘off-the-shelf’? ICT Security can help you build a range of high security solutions for every type of project.


Looking for high security products and experts? You’ve come to the right place.

Solution Spotlight: Secure Digital Document Storage

Are you looking for a way to securely store, encrypt and manage your enterprise documents?

Protecting customer ID and sensitive files is a critical aspect of ensuring your organisation meets PCI DSS requirements. Unfortunately, finding a Document Storage Solutions to meet your organisations requirements…

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Demo a HSM Today

For a limited time, ICT Security is offering discounted 45 day trial HSMs (both PCI, PCI E and network attached) to selected customers…

Free PDF Document Signing Trial

It’s easy to setup and trial a signing certificate in your environment. ICT Security can help you setup and install a free GlobalSign CDS digital certificate in your environment today…

What People Say About us

  • The real best practices have been the same since the 1970's: know where your data is, who has access to what. read your logs. guard your perimeter. minimise complexity, reduce access to "need only" and segment your networks.  those are the practices and techniques that result in real security. There are loads of fads vying for people's attention but when they come and go, the fundamentals will remain the same."

    Marcus Ranum Network Security Pioneer

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