Mi-Token Authentication

In an increasingly connected world, organisations need authentication and access solutions that are robust, simple to manage and highly secure. With unparalleled features and flexibility, Mi-Token delivers two-factor authentication that’s secure, flexible and cost-effective.

Mi-Token’s advantages include:

Robust & Reliable Authentication Security


Using world’s best security designed for the banking sector, Mi-Token delivers ‘proof of identity’ you can trust.

Lower Support, Capital & Operational Costs


Save up to 60 per cent on your authentication budget through Mi-Token’s innovative cost savings and per-token licensing.

Flexible Authentication Methods via Hard & Soft Tokens


With choice and flexibility of authentication method, Mi-Token end-users are never without an authentication option.

Complete Token Independence


Avoid vendor and token technology lock-in by using the hard token system you want.

Easy Management, Integration & Deployment


Mi-Token natively integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, requires no standalone equipment in the server room and delivers rapid and scalable rollouts.

Mi-Token provides a convenient end-user experience through delivering an intuitive end-user experience, whether through hard tokens or one-time passwords via BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone or SMS.

Powerful cryptographic and security functions.

More than just two-factor authentication, Mi-Token delivers a comprehensive array of security and encryption functions to secure your systems.

Optional Integration with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)


To deliver the highest levels of security and to ensure PCI compliance, Mi-Token integrates with HSM technology to protect keys, access control lists and other sensitive data from unauthorised access.

A Fully Featured API for Integration with Custom Applications


Mi-Token can secure your custom software, e-commerce and e-banking solutions through a fully featured API.

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